Past Meeting Minutes Up For Adoption

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NCHBA 9-13-18 Meeting Minutes

Venue: Krimmers

Attendance: Board members present: M. Whalen, D. Marshall, S. Long, C. Weitzel, P. Baas, L. VanBenschoten, Maureen Mason

17 members attended including board members plus: 2 guests with Ham. Co. Planning & Dev.

3 guests with 2 Guys & a Garage

1. Welcome & Lunch

Lunch buffet was served at 12:03 p.m. and meeting began at 12:17 with Micky welcoming everyone.

2. Old Business

a) Deana Marshall moved to approve July meeting minutes, Nancy Moore seconded and minutes were approved unanimously

b) Deana provided an update of the proceeds from the Yard sale-see separate accounting

3. Financial Report (Deana Marshall)

Reviewed present financial account status of the Association. In light of the funds received from the Yard sale, Deana moved that the NCHBA contribute $1,700 to the NCH High School scholarship fund in the

Association’s name. Maureen Mason seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.

Deana also informed the Association that the Clovernook Ctr. For the Blind Youth Group made $1,200 from the parking fee/contribution at the yard sale and $800 from the sale of food.

4. New Business

Haley Drewyor resigned as Treasurer and the Board/Association still had no Secretary. The Board appointed Deana Marshall to the position of Treasurer and Pat Baas to Secretary. Micky asked the Association membership to ratify the appointments. Nick Link made a motion to appoint Deana the Treasurer and Lynn VanBenschoten seconded. The motion was passed unanimously. Lynn VanBenschoten made a motion to appoint Pat the Secretary and Don Edell seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Open Board Positions: Vice President and Historian. The Board solicited Linda Braunwart of the Historical Society to become the Historian. She said she would consider doing so and will get back to us.

The Association may join the Southern Ohio Chamber Alliance. There is no cost to the Association. Members were asked to take a look at SOCA before the next meeting.

Candidate Forum was tentative (subsequently cancelled as only issues were on the local ballot—no NCH city positions on the ballot)

Guest Speaker Brian Wamsley, Hamilton County Planner. Mr. Wamsley explained that the Hamilton County Planner works with all 39 areas in Hamilton County. This is free to NCH and will be present for 6 – 8 months. They want to meet residents and mentioned the newsletter has questions they want all of the residents to

answer—what skills does a stakeholder have? At this point they had a meeting with Deana Marshall with the Clovernook Ctr. For the Blind and Visually Impaired and NCH High School. 2008 was the last plan for the NCH and they are going to try a new approach. They want to find out as much as possible about the community; it is important to get everyone’s input for a comprehensive plan. A vision of the community as the plan will be around for a long time so they want the participation of the community. Also mentioned on-sight planning—in the field meetings.

Networking of the members followed the conclusion of the presentation.